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Internazionale del Film di Roma's Marc Aurelio Acting Award


"In life we act...but in our art, we go for the truth..."
-Al Pacino upon receiving the Marc Aurelio Acting Award

A lifetime achievement award for Oscar-winning actor Al Pacino kicked off the Rome film festival on Wednesday, October 22nd, bringing a Hollywood veteran to the movie showcase which this year has a markedly European flavor.

Pacino received the award as one of the great alumni of New York's Actors Studio -- the celebrated drama school where he and other actors like Robert De Niro, the late Paul Newman and Marilyn Monroe learned the ropes of the business.



The 68-year-old, who comes from a family of Italian immigrants to America, was nominated for an Oscar eight times for films like "The Godfather," "Serpico" and "Dog Day Afternoon."

He won the golden statuette once, as best actor for his portrayal of a blind man in "Scent of a Woman" (1992).

Currently Pacino is on the big screen with "Righteous Kill," where he and De Niro play two veteran cops on the trail of a serial killer in a film that was panned by the critics.

"It's hard to put on a suit, and getting harder -- with shirt and tie," he joked at a press conference, saying he was thrilled about the award.

"You feel as though someone is giving you a party and you don't quite know what you did to deserve it," he added.

He also spoke about "Salomaybe?," his third film as a director and an adaptation of Oscar Wilde's once banned play, and one of his most controversial works, "Salome."

"I pondered it and played with it for a few years ... I am still working on it, it's coming along," he said, adding he hoped to present it in Rome next year.

Pacino said he was "not crazy about making films" and saw himself as a performer, preferring theater stages to film sets.


Pacino told his fans in Rome that theatre remained his greatest passion. "That is my family," he said.


**See a complete slide show of photos from the red carpet and at the awards ceremony below!

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The city of Rome with mayor Gianni Alemanno has awarded American actor Al Pacino the 'Lupa Capitolina' (Capitoline wolf), at the Rome Film Festival, a sign of recognition for his prestigious film career. "It is the second time that Al Pacino has come to the Rome City Hall - said the mayor of Rome during a press conference -. This time he returned to Rome and opened our Film Festival which is going extremely well: 38,000 tickets have been sold and next year we will continue and aim at an even higher number. Al Pacino in our image is a star who represents the bridge between Italy and America in a very strong way, the link of brotherhood that there is between the two populations. The award was given to him yesterday and is a recognition of his great artistic career". Thanking the mayor, Al Pacino said to be "extremely happy and proud of having returned to live the beautiful experience of the Rome Film Festival. I have noted a lot of enthusiasm - he said - and lots of energy. For Italian cinema, it is very interesting and has been a source of inspiration for many artists. The award that was given to me is important also for the recognition from the Actors' Studio that brought me up.
  I was poor, without any money, and I presented myself to the Actors' Studio to become an actor, and they always supported, helped, and financed me".


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