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A Voice From Within


Published: November 23, 2007 6:00 a.m. in Fort Wayne, IN. Journal Gazette.  (www.fortwayne.com)

Letters to the editor

Pacino continues prolific output

As the owners of pacinoworldwide.com, a volunteer tribute Web site to Al Pacino, we herewith refer to the Associated Press story, “Director: No ‘passion’ from actors” (Oct. 28) in which Director Francis Ford Coppola disses three of the most important actors of the last half century: Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro and Pacino.

First, regarding Pacino’s money, it’s his  money. Last we heard, communism was dead, and no American has ever been accountable to anyone for the disposition of his wealth honestly and lawfully acquired.

Second, it is generally known that people of great wealth often choose to be remarkably philanthropic with complete anonymity. Obviously, if we could confirm this, it would no longer be anonymous. But why not give Pacino the benefit of the doubt?

Finally, as to Coppola’s evaluation of what may be summarized as Pacino’s lack of artistic striving or ambition, someone should send Coppola a copy of Pacino’s schedule for the last couple of years.

The sheer volume of his work in every medium, as actor in theater and cinema and as producer and director of his own projects, belie any fall-off in his thirst for artistic achievement. If the results are not to Coppola’s liking, that’s his problem.

JACKIE KRUDOP  President, Fort Wayne IRIS FRANK Vice President, New York pacinoworldwide.com

From Flint (Michigan)Journal First Edition-January 2006...

"I would not go as far to say that I know Al Pacino, but know this and please pass this on to Ms. Councilwoman " The same 'Al Pacino' you claim is this bad bad role model " He does numerous college and high school drama visits and speaks to the same youth our councilwoman is worried about."


- Jackie Krudop, co-owner/president of Pacino Worldwide


"Al Pacino was born in the Bronx and makes his living as an actor. This inability to distinguish fantasy from reality in an elected official, responsible for the welfare of thousands of people, is most disturbing."


-Iris Frank, co-owner/vice president of Pacino Worldwide


Film legend Al Pacino doesn't need the muscle of the Corleone family or the firepower of Tony "Scarface" Montana to defend himself: His fans are ready to step right up.

Two co-owners of a Web site dedicated to all things Pacino have lashed out against a Flint city councilwoman for daring to take on the actor and the impact that his violent 1983 gangster movie, "Scarface," has had on area young people.

Both owners of the New York-based Web site

www.pacinoworldwide.com said that 2nd Ward Councilwoman Jackie Poplar was wrong to equate Pacino with his "Scarface" gangster persona.

Poplar's response: The Pacino-loving pair need to "get a life."

The Oscar-winning actor's fans reacted quickly to a front-page Flint Journal article Saturday in which Poplar decried the popularity of "Scarface" memorabilia and said young people were using Pacino as a role model in his guise as the movie's Cuban drug kingpin.

"I would not go as far to say that I know Al Pacino, but know this and please pass this on to Ms. Councilwoman " The same 'Al Pacino' you claim is this bad bad role model " He does numerous college and high school drama visits and speaks to the same youth our council woman is worried about," Jackie Krudop, co-owner and president of Pacino Worldwide, said in an e-mail to The Journal on Saturday.

She described Pacino as a "national treasure."

Poplar said she wasn't personally blaming Pacino, calling him one of her favorite actors, and she encouraged the pair to call her directly about their concerns.

"Oh, for God's sake," was her initial reaction. "Where are they based?"

Poplar said most people have been supportive of her stand, which includes pushing for area merchants to restrict the sale of "Scarface" items to young people.

But the Pacino fans take her comments as a personal slap at the actor.

Their Web site contains tributes to Pacino, tons of admiring quotes, his film history and plans. The owners said the nonprofit site has operated for nearly three years "with the idea of maintaining the integrity of an artist at a level deserving of the man it honors."

The Journal was unable to get comment from Pacino's Beverly Hills, Calif.-based publicist.

Krudop said she agreed with Poplar's mission to look further into the lives of troubled youths and that something should be done about whom they see as heroes.

But she said she felt compelled to respond to Poplar's comments, saying she doesn't want Pacino fans to get the wrong idea about the actor.

Iris Frank, who co-owns and is vice president of the fan site, said it was disturbing that Poplar couldn't tell the difference between fantasy and reality by singling out Pacino rather than the Montana character.

"Never should the responsibility lie on the artist or creator of the work of art," Frank said in an e-mail. "To place it there is to traverse the first step on the rocky and raucous road to the censorship, theocracy, and yes, ultimately, the terrorism that prevails in all those societies we claim to abhor."

Poplar first raised the "Scarface" issue this month as city leaders struggle on how to battle one of the highest violent crime rates in the country.

"I'm just concerned with the children watching the movie, and they think that this is what life is about," Poplar said. "If you want to do something, help." 

Article Written By Christofer Machniak for The Flint Journal First Edition, Wednesday, January 25, 2006



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~Jackie Krudop & Iris Frank