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Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie?


"Setting: A rehabilitation center for juvenille narcotics addicts located on an island in a river bordering on a large industrial city."*
*Internet Broadway Database

Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie?, written by Don Petersen and directed by Michael Schultz, opened on February 25, 1969 at the Belasco Theatre in New York City and ran for only 39 performances, closing on March 29, 1969, but garnered Al Pacino a Tony Award for his performance.

Opening Night Cast: Michael Brandon (Prince); Bob Christian (Deek); Laura Figueroa (Marietta); Hal Holbrook (Mr. Winters); Lauren Jones (Linda); Catita Lord (Rita); David Opatoshu (Dr. Werner); Al Pacino (Bickham); Jose Perez (Ponti); Lazaro Perez (Tonto); Jon Richards (Mr. O'Malley); Roger Robinson (Conrad); Kenneth Rosaly (Hugo); Bruce Scott (Fullendorf); Hector Troy (Raul); M. Emmet Walsh (Ringo).





"With sunny patience, Holbrook plays an English teacher in this rehabilitation center, which is really a prison for young junkies, male and female and black and white.
"Pacino portrays the most evil of the students - a fidgety, cocky monster if you ever saw one, and he has little chance of being 'cured' and winning a release.  The most tense moments in Tiger come when Pacino visits the establishment's psychiatrist, David Opatashu, and vilifies and threatens this essentially gentle man.
"But the doctor persists until the young inmate tells of a sordid family life and how, after many years, he traced down his father in a barber shop and beat him - perhaps to death...."*
*The Internet Theatre Bookshop



"....TIGER offers several slices of life - but what a life?" - NY Daily News.*

"....a thoroughly absorbing and forcefully moving theatrical experience..." - NY Post.*

*The Internet Theatre Bookshop


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