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Salome Seduces New York and Los Angeles!

Salome On Broadway 2003! 


"Salome, a tale of desire and revenge, follows the legend of King Herod and his lust for Salome, his young stepdaughter, and her sexual baiting of John the Baptist.  Pacino also starred in the 1992 production of the Wilde play at Circle in the Square Theatre."...


“...The old lecher is a king, Herod by name. And in the smashing new production of Oscar Wilde's ''Salome,'' which opened last night at the Ethel Barrymore Theater, Herod is portrayed by Al Pacino, a specialist in thugs at the top, as a soul encased in the armor of jadedness that comes from years of exercising ruthless power. He is also, however, a man who can be betrayed into visible discomfort, at least momentarily, by his own appetites”...


“...But the show is at its most inspired in its presentation of Herod and Salome as different sides of the same expensive coin. Ms. Tomei, a Salome in a runaway state of sexual awakening, looks lithe-bodied and luscious, and she speaks with the petulant breathiness of a 1950's starlet. Mr. Pacino, his stomach straining against his black dress shirt, looks bleary and bloated and talks in the weary, high-pitched singsong of a man who is long accustomed to people hanging on his every word.”...


"For all their surface difference, they are both spoiled monsters, creatures of vast appetites used to getting exactly what they want.  Both Herod and Salome have a habit here of letting their tongues stray out of their mouths, as if in anticipation of tastes to come."...


“...Watching these two pursue their appetites makes this ''Salome'' a luxuriously and disturbingly entertaining illustration of a dictum well known to people of power of all ages: Be careful what you wish for.”


Above excerpts taken from “The New York Times”  THEATER REVIEW; Veils or No Veils, Whatever She Wants She Gets By BEN BRANTLEY Published: May 1, 2003. 

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"Everything in life is in this play. Think about it. There's nothing that doesn't happen in life that doesn't happen in this play--and the language of it, and the genius of Oscar Wilde, and the wit of it. I love the power and the passion of it." --Al Pacino
"We started about eight months ago--reading it [at the Actors Studio], and we just kept reading it and reading it and then we thought we'd like to have audiences. So we had some audiences in and finally we thought we'd go to another space besides the studio because it's really developmental there and once we were on our way to a good evening, we thought we'd take it out. So then we went to Brooklyn at St. Ann's and then we went to the Bardaban in Pougkeepsie and when we played there in the proscenium it proved to be such a big play that Al said, 'Hey, let's take it to Broadway!' and the producers said the same thing." --Estelle Parsons on the show's path to Broadway
"We took a shot and went to Poughkeepsie at a great theater, the Barbadon, and the reaction was really a positive one and we felt that the size of the theater actually helped the play to come through and the metaphor somehow exploded in a wide, big theater because it's a big play. Then we thought, 'Well, let's see if we can take it to another big theater and where are there big theaters but on Broadway?' And it's my home, New York is my home, so it's just a wonderful honor to be here on Broadway."
--Al Pacino

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Salome in Los Angeles Spring 2006!

Pacinoworldwide.com would like to thank Ms. Laura Shane of Davidson & Choy Publicity [l.shane@dcpublicity.com] for allowing the use of the following photographs from the Los Angeles production of "Salome."
All photos by Barry Navidi.


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